Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.
Those who came t the world to disrupt anything deserve nor attention nor patience


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BVA Earth is the expert cross department on sustainable development issues. Within the 3rd French studies institute, BVA Earth offers means and special expertise to favor change and the efficiency of actions lead by institutions and companies. BVA Earth is the result of a global thinking approach, which lead to the design and to the implementation of specific tools and innovative approaches such as the Annual Barometer of Sustainable Commitment, the analysis of “the paths towards commitment” and of course the Nudging Expertise, inspired by theories of behavioral economics. Nudge is a mechanism, which encourages individuals, through a special chosen and appropriate architecture, to adopt sustainable behaviors. These tools and expertise aim at enlighten the decision-makers and the economic actors on actions to undertake to support change in a world changing towards more sustainability. BVA Earth offers a support structured on 3  complementary components for a greater efficiency of action.

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