Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.
Those who came t the world to disrupt anything deserve nor attention nor patience



Utopies’ best friend

Alessia Bertoli

Sustainable Food and goods Manager

Heliabel Bomstein

Sustainable Buildings and Territories Consultant

Elise Bonneau

Sustainable food and goods Senior Consultant

Laurence Borensztein

Positive Brand Manager

Boris Chabanel

Local Living Economy Manager

Léa Brumter

CSR strategy senior consultant

Emma Castel

Local Living Economy Senior Consultant

Patricia Cortijo

Sustainable Buildings & territories Manager

Anaïs Denoits

Manager and Human Resources Manager

David Dos Santos

Local Living Economy Consultant

Bénédicte Duchamp

Sustainable Food and goods Consultant

Benjamin Enault

Associate director

Arnaud Florentin

Associate Director - Metrics & studies

Dulcie Irvani

Sustainable Food and goods Consultant

Antoine Joint

Local Living Economy Manager

Sixtine Jourde

CSR Strategy Consultant

Mathilde Lafond

Strategy & Reporting Consultant

Cécile Le Pan de Ligny

Marketing & New Business Manager

Arthur Lecercle

Sustainable Food and goods Consultant

Florent Levavasseur

Local Living Economy Manager

Aurore Maire

Sustainable food and goods Manager

Morgane Mirigay

Local Living Economy Consultant

Hélène Ndiaye

Local living economy consultant

Laurence Nhan

Regional Manager

Vara Permall

Local Sustainable Economies Consultant

Céline Perrissin-Fabert

Rhône Alpes Manager

Annabelle Richard

Local Living Economy Manager

Fanny Rouxelin

Sustainable Food and Goods Senior Consultant

Sophie Labbé

Associate Director

Pierre Viard

Local Living Economy Consultant

Morgane Yvergniaux

Sustainable food and goods Manager

Maryelle Allemand

Associate Expert

Greg Bernarda

Associate Expert

Françoise Bronner

Associate expert

Marie-France Corre

Associate Expert

Richard Gillies

Associate expert

Séverine Millet

Associate Expert

Cécile Poignant

Associate expert

Ralph Hababou

Associate expert

Chris Tuppen

Associate expert

Cornis Van Der Lugt

Associate Expert


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