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Innovation for a better world

A sustainability policy only makes sense if it is integrated into the company’s business (its mission, business model, products and services, strategic targets and investment criteria, etc.). For over twenty years, Utopies has been helping companies achieve this transformation through our consultancy and think tank activities. Last autumn we published a study on the convergence between innovation and sustainable development. The “Innovation for a better world” study is a result of more than one year work. It is based on interviews with international experts on both topics, the review of the best practices of the most advanced companies, etc.

The NOE Program, a leadership seminar co-developed with Danone and the Business Model Generation community this year is the next step of the study. NOE aims at strengthening the ability of individuals and teams to take action on sustainable innovation.

“Sustainability is innovation spelt wrong, and vice versa. It is with this double belief in mind that we designed and conducted this study. This belief is also based on our 20 years’ experience at Utopies helping companies develop their sustainability strategies. We are happy to witness that environmental policies and sustainable development approaches are entering a new age of maturity, which we call sustainable development 2.0, the main characteristic of which is precisely the integration of business strategies and sustainable development, with a focus on innovation and the ability to turn externalities into opportunities.”

Elisabeth Laville


This study was made possible through the support of Groupe Caisse des Dépôts, Michelin, Veolia, Grope Seb, Bouygues Construction, Essilor International,  Philips, ADEME and The Paris Club of Directors of Innovation.


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