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Business Case

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Yves Rocher – Responsible gifts strategy

  • 1/ Context

    As harvester, manufacturer and producer, the Yves Rocher Group is a worldwide cosmetic brand and the nº 1 player in France.


    Committed to a sustainable development approach through its actions in support of biodiversity and protection of the environment, but also through its ethical approach to cosmetics, Yves Rocher hoped to gain coherence by integrating sustainable development into its gift-giving and loyalty plans.


    Yves Rocher financed Utopies’ execution of a sustainable development strategy for all of its gift purchases.

  • 2/ Mission

    In order to respond to the request of Yves Rocher, Utopies executed a detailed cartography of CSR risks (social, environmental and health) related to the group’s purchases in order to prioritize purchasing families. An action plan was constructed with all the Company’s teams and then implemented (in the form of working groups). Finally, the pedagogical decision-making tools were made by experts from Utopies to ensure the appropriation and functionality of the recommendations made.

  • 3/ Results

    The mission made it possible to identify the CSR risks of gift purchasing for the Yves Rocher Group and to respond appropriately. The overall action plan implemented and the tools developed allowed Yves Rocher to position itself and to showcase its achievements on responsible gift buying.


    The mission contributed to the appropriation of the challenges by teams from Yves Rocher to ensure the continuous improvement of commitments taken and the group’s goals on the subject of responsible gifts.