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Business Case

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Total – CSR Report 2012

  • 1/ Context

    Following publication of the study, “Sustainability Reporting at Crossroads – Reporting Trends Survey 2012,” which Total supported, the Company wanted to develop its reporting in terms of integrated reporting and solicited Utopies on the matter.

  • 2/ Mission

    Utopies helped Total to define its goals for the report as concerned recommendations of the IIRC with respect to integrated reporting (business model, operational context, management, definition of key integrated performance indicators, etc.). Utopies also organized sessions with internal and external stakeholders to enrich the content and define the most important and relevant elements: organisation of internal workshops, consultation with Total’s stakeholders panel and publication of their opinions in the final report.

  • 3/ Results

    Utopies thus helped Total in the redaction of this report, the first step towards a report integrating economic and non-financial information. The report is available here.