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Business Case

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Système U – Help with CSR strategy

  • 1/ Context

    The distribution model of a big box store is responsible for social and environmental impacts at all stages of the chain of creating value. The diversity of professions at Système U Group requires, therefore, a careful analysis of the issues of each of them in order to establish a complete and coherent CSR strategy.

  • 2/ Mission

    Utopies has been working with Système U since 2011, in the definition and implementation of a CSR strategy focused on founding pillars: local setting and healthy products. For this, the intervention of Utopies is based on Work Groups specific to each Système U grouping (seafood, fruits & vegetables, bakery-pastry shop, butcher, textiles, general merchandise…).

  • 3/ Results

    Utopies, thus, worked with Système U in the animation of operational and centralized teams to define the commitments and job goals of the store (redaction of sustainable development policies by job category, presenting the convictions, commitments and goals), and helping to deploy this CSR strategy at the central and operational level (definition of indicators, animation of training modules, raising awareness of staff to the issues of sustainable development).