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Socio-economic footprint of the Darwin ecosystem

  • 1/ Context

    The Darwin ecosystem in Bordeaux is dedicated to the creative activities of the “green economy”, sustainable development and ecological transition. It covers over tens acres of workplace for companies & associations, a grocery store, a restaurant, facilities for cultural and sporting life.

    As a business incubator, Darwin creates significant economic activity that goes well beyond its own revenues. A first impact assessment study has made it possible to quantify the indirect and induced socio-economic spinoffs of the ecosystem thereby estimating its total socio-economic weight in the regional and national economy, in terms of contribution to GDP and sustained employment.

  • 2/ Mission

    The study included 4 different socio-economic footprints:

    • The operating footprint of Evolution’s Group, at the heart of the Darwin ecosystem (including the endowment fund): all the direct, indirect and induced impacts of Evolution’s activity on the local economy have been evaluated in terms of sustained jobs and contribution to GDP, in France and in the region.
    • Three hybrid “catalytic footprints” qualitatively and quantitatively assessing the impacts related to the activities of the business incubator, the co-working space and the associations working in the ecosystems.
  • 3/ Results

    This study has made it possible to objectify the socio-economic contribution of Darwin ecosystem in 2016:

    In total, nearly 900 jobs are supported in Bordeaux metropolis and another 660 in the rest of France.

    Multiplier coefficient: for a job created directly in the ecosystem, one additional job is supported by ripple effects in Bordeaux metropolis and another additional job in the rest of France.

    Finally, this study helped to highlight the virtuous purchasing behavior of Evolution Group and the MAGASIN GENERAL. As a matter of fact, 49% of purchases of the MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL are located in Bordeaux, a share well above an average statistical comparison behavior estimated at 33% of local purchases. Thus, the MAGASIN GÉNÉRAL supports 25% more jobs in the French economy through its responsible purchasing policy.