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Business Case

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Leem – Analysis of the CSR performance of the pharmaceutical industry

  • 1/ Context

    In view of the arrival of a new President strongly committed to sustainable development issues, the Leem (270 adhering businesses and more than 93% of the industry’s sales revenues) called upon Utopies to develop a strategic analysis of the non-financial performance of the French pharmaceutical sector and to propose strategic directions to follow in the future.

  • 2/ Mission

    In order to respond to the client’s request, Utopies implemented a methodology that included documentary analysis, review of good practices on a worldwide scale, review of major trends with regard to innovation and sustainable development and consultation with stakeholders (in the form of working groups and individual interviews).

  • 3/ Results

    The mission made it possible to compile a strategic inventory of the sector with regard to sustainable development (including a SWOT analysis, a materiality matrix, etc.), as well as twenty strategic orientations for future improvement (prioritized as a function of different criteria).


    These recommendations contributed to renewing the CSR approach of Leem, which is now closer to its overall strategy.