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Business Case

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FNAC – CSR strategy and report as lever of performance

  • 1/ Context

    The FNAC Group is devoted to selling cultural service and leisure products to the public or to businesses through its stores and its web site. Solidly established in France where it has 80 stores, the FNAC is also expanding abroad where it has 66 sales outlets in six countries: Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Brazil. In 2011, the FNAC had sales revenues of about 4 billion euros. Its revenues place it among the top twenty French distribution companies and the top 500 European companies.


    As a result of its exit from the PPR Group and its listing on the stock exchange in 2013, the FNAC wished to formalize its CSR policy in response to new legal constraints, but also to valorise its intangible assets and to make CSR a new performance lever allowing it to once more find its path to growth in a depressed economic environment.

  • 2/ Mission

    The CSR Management of the FNAC called on Utopies to help it rework its CSR strategy  (positioning, objectives, levers) in order to strengthen its efficiency and help it communicate its approach, its projects and its results through elaboration of a CSR report.  The analysis relied on a consultation with internal stakeholders and outside experts, as well as a benchmark of best industry practices to determine the priority issues for the FNAC Group.

  • 3/ Results

    What the mission delivered was a consolidated CSR strategic proposition as well as a 24-page report posted on-line on the web site, and accompanied by dashboards (regulatory indicators, operational indicators for each of the services of the FNAC Group and strategic indicators for cross-functional CSR policy management).