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Danone – Nature Key Opinion Leaders Board

  • 1/ Context

    Danone’s Nature strategy targets 4 areas: agriculture, packaging, water and climate. In order to build this strategy and assure the relevance of its commitments with respect to the expectations of stakeholders, in 2011, Danone organized, with the help of Utopies, two consultation meetings with a committee of sustainable development experts.

  • 2/ Mission

    Based on the quality and the usefulness of the opinions expressed, Danone decided to formalize this consultative committee in the form of a Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Board. This permanent committee is composed of ten external experts and visionaries on the 4 issues addressed by the strategy.

  • 3/ Results

    The KOL Board, led by Elisabeth Laville, meets one or two times a year. Its main findings are synthesised for Danone in a summary of each meeting.

The opinion of our customer :

" We are convinced that our stakeholders are part of Danone's ecosystem. Having a profound dialogue with them allows us to better target the issues of priority and to reflect on our strategies."  

- Vincent Crasnier, manager of Nature