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CPME La Réunion: developping La Réunion’s economy through local demand

  • 1/ Context

    The REELLE project (Re-establishing the Local Economy) has been launched by the CPME Réunion with the support of the DIRECCTE. It aimed to highlight local economic leakages, relocation potential and development opportunities in terms of diversification and densification of activities through the analysis of local production and demand sector by sector, using the LOCALSHIFT tool.

    Re-establishing local economy means participating in territorial social dialogue, creating permanent and non-localizable jobs, promoting the territory through local know-how, recreating links between consumers and local businesses, intensifying exchanges between local businesses, etc.

  • 2/ Mission

    The study is a first step in the relocation process. Indeed, it provides a picture of the current economy in La Réunion, based on the distribution of jobs and activity in the various sectors of the economy. On the basis of national and regional statistics as well as models of trade between sectors of activity and economic actors, the economic flows of La Réunion are simulated as closely as possible the reality.

    • Analyzing the economic metabolism of the island
    • Identifying potential responses to local demand
    • Diversifying and densifying the economy as well as developing a territorial entrepreneurship
    • Building new spaces for social dialogue and the improving territorial wealth
  • 3/ Results

    The presentation of this study was followed by two days of training carried out by Utopies with more than 80 representatives of La Réunion’s ecosystem. Representatives of the State, the Region, intermunicipalities, municipalities, public services, consular chambers, employers’ organizations, employees’ unions and citizens’ movements were present to take ownership of this study and to reflect on the means that can be put in place in order to relocate the economy of La Réunion.

    Fifteen economic developers have also been trained to explore all the results and nodes of exchanges through LOCALSHIFT La Réunion tool left at their disposal.

The opinion of our customer :

" This study is the first step of a relocation movement of La Réunion’s economy. During two days of training-actions, different regional actors were able to appropriate themselves this study. We must now prioritize the sectors and trades that represent the greatest potential for relocation. Then we will have to act in concert with all local economic developers. Finally, the actions we have implemented must be evaluated in order to measure their impacts // Dominique Vienne, Chairman of the CPME Réunion "