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Positive Brands

A brand only makes sense if it has a raison d’être, a commitment to contribute positively to society. Today, this concept of “purpose” is in vogue in marketing and corporate communication. Well, that’s good. But to avoid “purpose-washing” and go beyond declarations of intent, it is essential to anchor the raison d’être in the specificities of the company, to translate it into its products and services, in its daily practices. At a time when responsible offerings are becoming more widespread, it is time to connect meaning and action, purpose and commitments, brand strategies and sustainable development strategies.
That’s why we created the Positive Brand®.

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Research shows that Positive Brands® are more successful in terms of attractiveness, loyalty, business and internal motivation. We have developed the Positive Brand® analysis frame of reference, which makes it possible to understand and activate the 9 key levers that make a Positive Brand®:
A brand diagnostic tool
A tool to strengthen or build a Positive Brand® strategy

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A tool to build (or co-construct with your teams) the raison d’ être of your brand based on its history, its values, societal and consumer trends, the evolution of behaviors,…


A tool to build specific, relevant, innovative, innovative and differentiating commitments – and ensure consistency between the raison d’ être, the offer and the commitments.


A recurrent quantitative study (more than 12,500 French people questioned during the 1st edition at the end of 2015) to evaluate and detail the perceived positivity of 600 brands, as well as the correlation with their desirability.

> Read the Positive Brands whitepaper


Sophie Labbé

Associate Director

Laurence Borensztein

Positive Brand Manager

Laurence Nhan

Regional Manager

Fanny Rouxelin

Sustainable Food and Goods Senior Consultant

Pierre Olivier Marty

Sustainable Food Senior Consultant

Arthur Lecercle

Sustainable Food and goods Consultant

Emma Castel

Local Living Economy Senior Consultant

Marie-France Corre

Associate Expert

Maryelle Allemand

Associate Expert

Cécile Poignant

Associate expert



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