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Local Living Economies

An anchored local economy answers 3 main issues. First, an anchored local economy is looking for new jobs creation drivers. Then, it is seeking for a more “inclusive” production, which would benefit the local population and be a source of social cohesion. Finally, local actors are developing approaches to re-anchor their economies in response to the environmental challenges: transport reduction, communities’ autonomy and resilience, reduction of energy consumption, raw material, etc.

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LOCAL FOOTPRINT® measures the socio-economic impacts of your activities (sustained jobs and contribution to GDP) on the territories and economic communities in which you are located. It enables you to prove your local anchorage to your stakeholders.

Our tool can measure a company’s impacts in 186 countries worldwide and in any kind of territories: city, region, country, … LOCAL FOOTPRINT® enables you to understand how an economic community reacts to monetary flows and to identify drivers to optimize your impacts by reproducing in the most realistic way possible the functioning of a local economy.

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LOCAL FOOTPRINT® NATURE: Measure environmental impacts every step of your supply chain with over 40 indicators (CO2, water, surfaces, raw materials, etc.) available per sector activity and country (43 countries and 5 zones)

Our swift, trusted and affordable method allows you to evaluate the environmental footprint of your business (upstream, in-house, downstream) and determine the strategic mitigation and adaptation axes of your impacts (per product / service, procurement segment, operational units…). LOCAL FOOTPRINT® NATURE allows you identify priority action levers to face major environmental challenges (climate change, resource scarcity, increasing environmental sanitary risks, accelerated biodiversity loss, etc.) and to align your carbon reduction commitments reduction with the global 2°C effort, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ultimately allowing your business to move toward a carbon-neutral product and service offer.

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The LOCAL SHIFT® model is the 1st local economy simulator.

It enables measuring the economic leakages of your economic community in order to develop a local and resilient economy. The tool models the economic metabolism of a territory (city, area, department, region, …)., by tracing the economic in-and-out flows throughout 380 sectors. The tool determines through 144 400 exchanges nodes those which offer the best potential in terms of local jobs creation with a detailed analysis of the jobs profile.

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LOCAL SCOPE® can identify and map your suppliers in any French economic community  and for more than 700 sectors.

It aims to evaluate the local potential of a sector or an activity at the scale of a territory, on different details levels. To do so, we select with the team project, the territory and/or the sector thanks to several indicators: -number of sites -production level of the site -specialization degree of each studied sector per community, per county -others indicators relevant to a better typology of the territory.

GLOBAL IMPACT ® is the first web-solution of socio-economic footprints quantification across 189 countries and 26 sectors.

It enables quantifying and emphasizing your socio-economic ripple effects worldwide. These analyses allow you to understand the economic weight of your activity and to nourish your local economy anchoring strategy. With GLOBAL IMPACT® you can measure your socioeconomics impacts in a simple and autonomous way.

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Arnaud Florentin

Associate Director - Metrics & studies

Florent Levavasseur

Local Living Economy Manager

Antoine Joint

Local Living Economy Manager

Emma Castel

Local Living Economy Senior Consultant

David Dos Santos

Local Living Economy Consultant

Vara Permall

Local Sustainable Economies Consultant

Pierre Viard

Local Living Economy Consultant

Morgane Mirigay

Local Living Economy Consultant

Boris Chabanel

Local Living Economy Manager




L’effet multiplicateur local : un levier de développement pour les territoires

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