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Morgane Yvergniaux

« Make the dream devour your life so that life does not devour your dream. »
Saint Exupéry


Fascinated by nature and biology since childhood, Morgane studied engineering to specialize in agroecology. She then led development projects on plant chains, in particular for more dialogue between stakeholders. It then specialized in innovation thanks to 7 years spent in a competitiveness cluster. Morgane joined the Sustainable Food and Goods division of Utopies as a manager in 2017.


Through her professional experience, Morgane has developed solid project management skills. Initially in the development of agro-ecological solutions, she continued her professional orientation towards collaborative innovation and responsible marketing, integrating dialogue with consumers.

What nobody knows about you Morgane Yvergniaux

Morgane is passionate about birds and has been fortunate enough to fly in ULMs with barnacle geese. A unique experience.

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