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Anne-Sophie Thiery

« <span class="tlid-translation translation"><span class="" title="">Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.</span></span> »
Desmond Tutu


Graduated in 2007 of a Statistics and Socio-Economical Master degree, Anne-Sophie has started her career with analyzing data and customer insights for Bouygues Telecom. A few years later, she took on a new dimension, turning herself in Geomarketing. She worked for 2 years in Banking services. Her 3<sup>rd</sup> revolution, was to join Utopies in 2018, within the Local and Sustainable Economies department,<span class="tlid-translation translation"><span class="" title=""> for which she carries out measurement missions and economic analysis of territories</span></span>. Therefore, she supports companies and territories toward a better comprehension of their economic environment, and to find leverage for a better impact and local anchoring. Occasionally, she also participates in quantitative studies or in cartographic realizations as a technical support.


Thanks to her global knowledges in economics and social sciences and her solid experience on business intelligence and project management, Anne-Sophie is working on a large scope of missions. She likes working on complex problematics and designing original and pertinent methodology to solve it. She kept her “geekly-attitude”, while her technical skills allow her innovations: new KPI, new data sources exploitation, or new software. You get it: she knows everything about Excel!

What nobody knows about youAnne-Sophie Thiery

When she’s off, she practices Waterpolo – a deep pool sport, with no horse at all. She has absolutely no talent in it, but this sport allows her to reboost fastly!

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