We must take change by the hand or rest assuredly, change will take us by te throat.
If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.


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Céline Perrissin-Fabert

« If your dreams don't scare you they're not big enough. »
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


Céline joined Utopies in 2017 and worked for 10 years in the marketing departments of major international groups. In charge of opening and directing the marketing department in Southeast Asia, she has acquired a solid experience in management but also an excellent understanding of the business stakes of the industrial sector. She has also piloted strategic projects to facilitate the growth of her company. Céline graduated from L' EDHEC Lille in marketing and communication. She studied in France and Peru. Passionate about outdoor sports and travel, she has lived all over the world for 10 years but moved to Annecy in 2017.


A specialist in luxury and mass-market brands, Celine is particularly interested in integrating CSR into brand DNA to create useful and sustainable products. At Utopies, she is in charge of the development of the agency on the Rhône Alpes.  She also supports teams on missions related to the food and responsible consumption division, positive brands and research on resilient mountain resorts.

What nobody knows about you Céline Perrissin-Fabert

Celine is afraid of emptiness... literally and figuratively!

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