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Jocelyne Ozdoba

« The earth is the very quintessence of the human condition. »
Hannah Arendt


Jocelyne joined UTOPIES in 2016 as Manager of the CSR Strategy and Reporting team after a previous experience in a think tank specialized in corporate governance and a 10-year experience in management consulting in the banking and financial sector. After achieving an Executive MBA at ESSEC in 2013, she specialized in CSR with the willingness to tackle CSR as a strategic and business lever for companies.


Jocelyne is specialized in sustainability reporting. She assists clients both on the conception of their first report and on the redesign of much more mature reports with the aim to better answer internal and external stakeholders’ expectations. She is particularly interested in the integrated reporting movement and the contribution of digital technologies in sustainability communication. She has a good knowledge of key reporting frameworks, such as GRI-G4, and closely follows the regulatory framework on the matter. Thanks to her significative experience in banking and her interest for inclusive business, she is the author of several studies and articles on fragile clients and intervenes on microfinance-related projects.

What nobody knows about you Jocelyne Ozdoba

Back from Madagascar where she used to live for a year, her passion for piano and her busy schedule led her to keep taking classes on Skype with her madagasy teacher.

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