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Alexander Murillo

« After all, we are what we do to change what we are. »
Eduardo Galeano


Forestry engineer graduated from the UFJDC in Colombia and specialized Master's Degree in Sustainable Management from the ISEADD in France. Alexander has been providing his climate strategy expertise to businesses and territories for the last 10 years. He has coordinated more than 100 consulting missions and supported a wide range of both private and public actors in the design and implementation of low carbon strategies, carbon offset programs and sustainable sourcing. Alexander has led climate change adaptation and mitigation projects (Kenya, Uganda, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Thailand) and has implemented socio-economic and environmental externalities evaluation and monetization programs to respond to relevant rating agencies and certification standards (GRI, CDP, Science Based Targets, DJSI, FSC, Gold Standard, VCS, etc.).


Alexander joined UTOPIES in 2018. Within the Local Living Economy department, he is involved on environmental footprint measurements studies. He is particularly interested in social & environmental externalities valuation methods of private and public actors. Alexander is also involved in climate change strategy missions and supply chain environmental impacts management.

What nobody knows about youAlexander Murillo

Alexander is planning to develop a coffee farm in Colombia (off course bio and hopefully climate resilient)

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