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Morgane Mirigay

« The egg does not dance with the rock »
Proverbe africain


An EM Lyon graduate, Morgane has studied organisations management. She specialized in corporate finance in Lyon and in economics at Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, Netherland. After a first experience in socio-economic studies for development at VINCI Concessions, Morgane joined UTOPIES in 2016 in the local living economies department.


Through studies carried out in her previous experiences and within Utopies, Morgane has developed her skills in the construction, industrial and defence sectors. As a consultant at the Local Living Economy cluster, she participates in the development of modelling tools and intervenes on missions to assess socio-economic footprints. In order to support managers and purchasing managers in exploiting their footprint and to help them go further in their approach, she is interested in sustainable purchasing practices and the economic development of territories. Morgane is also involved in the integration of the analysis on Social and Solidarity Enterprises in footprint measurements.

What nobody knows about you Morgane Mirigay

Her pastry speciality is lemon macaroon.

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