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Pierre Olivier Marty

« We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. »
Woody Allen


Growing fascinated by the links between economic activities and environmental management, Pierre Olivier has built up his career path through transdisciplinarity and wideness of experience. He holds a double engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique and AgroParisTech where he concentrated in biology, economics and ecology as well as social sciences, environmental law and public policy. Prior to joining Utopies' Sustainable Food department in 2014, Pierre Olivier took advantage of various professional experiences in areas such as social sciences, sustainable tourism, and strategic sustainability consultancy. He has contributed to the development of an impact measurement tool, produced strategic advisory assignments  for a sustainable investment fund and developed a business model for the creation of a biodiesel production plant.


Pierre Olivier operates as a consultant in the Sustainable Food department, involved in missions such as the definition and deployment of a CSR strategy, the organization and consultation of stakeholder panels and the implementation of CSR communication strategies. He focuses specifically on traceability issues, food waste reduction programs, and, more broadly, in innovative brand strategies in the agrifoodstuffs and catering sectors.

What nobody knows about you Pierre Olivier Marty

Pierre Olivier is a music lover and avid vinyl records collector, spending much of his spare time looking for rarities at record shops and secondhand stores.

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