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Dulcie Irvani

« Better think of change than change the bandage »
Francis Blanche


A graduate of a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and a Master's degree from Audencia Business School, Dulcie studied and worked in France, England, Spain and South Korea. Passionate about new consumption practices, she has worked in the sustainable development department of an international group, in relations with the economic world of an NGO, in the commercial development of a start-up in South Korea and has been involved in associations for many years. Dulcie joined the Sustainable Food and Goods division of Utopies as a consultant in 2017.


Thanks to her varied experience and within Utopies, Dulcie has developed skills in the agri-food, distribution and fashion sectors. She participates in consulting missions in sustainable development strategy and intervenes on Positive Brand© missions with an integrated approach to CSR, which transforms the offer and business model of companies.

What nobody knows about you Dulcie Irvani

She is an emergency foster family for abandoned pets, took in two blind kittens found on the street during her stay in South Korea and becomes completely gaga when Akun (Elisabeth's dog) is in the offices of Utopies.

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