Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.
Those who came t the world to disrupt anything deserve nor attention nor patience


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Hortense Foulon

« Logic will get you from A to Z ; Imagination will get you everywhere »
Albert Einstein


A graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine and holder of a Master's degree in Political Science from the University of Paris II Assas, Hortense takes up the challenge of social responsibility in the higher education sector within Utopies. The evolution of forms of education and the changes in higher education are among the subjects that fascinate her. Before joining Utopies, Hortense volunteered with an association helping children from the streets in Peru, she also worked on Education for Sustainable Development issues within the French National Commission for UNESCO.


For more than a year, Hortense has been coordinating the Campus Responsables initiative, a network of French-speaking higher education institutions committed to a sustainable development approach. She has thus developed a sectoral expertise on the integration of sustainable development and social responsibility into the strategy and operational functioning of higher education institutions.

What nobody knows about you Hortense Foulon

It was during an excursion to the Amazon that Hortense became an expert in piranha fishing. Her secret : using chicken as a bait !

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