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Arnaud Florentin

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Econometrist by training, after 10 years of experience in quantitative studies, Arnaud joined Utopies in September 2013 as manager of the "Local Footprint" department, whose goal is to help firms in measuring the economic impact of their activities, in order to, in particular, maintain their operating licences, to improve communication with stakeholders and to improve the environment in which they are evolving.


Arnaud has developed the LOCAL FOOTPRINT ® for Utopies, making it possible to conduct impact studies in more than 193 countries, on a national scale as well as on a local scale. The completed studies make it possible to precisely assess the direct, indirect and induced impacts of a business, a site or a project in terms of economic flow, jobs and public revenues. In addition, Arnaud supports teams on problems of quantitative studies (inquiries by stakeholders, leaders of opinion and consumers).

What nobody knows about youArnaud Florentin

His secret for committing so many double faults in his tennis game.

Last missions

AccorHotels - Worldwide socio-economic impacts

AccorHotels and Utopies share findings from the first study into worldwide socio-economic impacts of a hotel group
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Its latest publications

Toward productive cities

A "productive city" is a city that aims to increase its self-production capacity - to manufacture the products it needs - by relocating the necessary manufacturing production, by mobilizing local material resources (renewable resources, circular economy...), while connecting to global collaborative networks (data, design, know-how, etc.).
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LOCAL SHIFT ® models the economic metabolism of a territory: it tracks trade flows between 382 sectors of activity, households and the non-market sector within and outside the territory thanks to an economic matrix modelling.
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