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Laurence Borensztein

« A random pile of rubble dumped, the most beautiful order in the world. »


Laurence Borensztein, who holds a DEA in biochemistry, has finally turned her attention to a different type of research than scientific study: research on human beings, their behaviour and their relationship with society in the context of strategies applied to brands. After starting her career at Inserm, she joined HEC where she graduated with a Master's degree in marketing intelligence. She flew to New York where she worked as a Strategic Planner in Kirshenbaum Bond and TBWA. She decides to cross the Atlantic again and returns to Paris to continue at TBWA, passing through Bates, then Service Plan and more recently Leo Burnett. Laurence Borensztein joined the Utopies team at the beginning of 2016, where she is in charge of positive brand strategies.


Passionate about societal trends, the search for meaning and creativity, Laurence has worked as a strategic planner in numerous advertising agencies in France and the USA. Very attached to the idea that a brand must have a mission, an "objective" that guides its innovation strategy as much as its marketing actions or its societal commitments, she has finally decided to put her talent at the service of committed brands who want to invent, dare, change their way of seeing their world, the world. At Utopies, she is involved in all issues related to brands and their raison d' être. A raison d' être that gives meaning and direction to brands. The raison d' être is an extremely powerful tool for a brand, which shows the way. Convinced that tomorrow's strong brands will be the ones that will meet people's growing demands for meaning and ethics, convinced that this movement is inevitable, Laurence intervenes from the formulation of the raison d' être or manifestos of brands upstream to the concrete translation of this raison d' être into products, services, sustainable development commitments or marketing actions...

What nobody knows about you Laurence Borensztein

In the 90's Laurence was  the face of a trailer shot for an alternative New York film festival (untraceable on the net, don't look for it!).).

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