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Heliabel Bomstein

« We both know that the world is dozing due to a lack of recklessness. »
Jacques Brel


Graduate from Sciences Po in urban affairs and territorial governance and from the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Biology and Environmental Sciences, Heliabel is passionate about the links between territorial planning, changing lifestyles and natural resources management. Before joining Utopies, she had been in charge of various prospective studies on governance and implementation of development projects in France for the PUCA or the Ministry of Sustainable Development as well as in Australia and India. She is also interested in the stakes of climate governance and urban farming.


Heliabel works as a consultant in the Sustainable Building and Territories department. She is involved in missions of CSR strategies definition and deployment, organization and consultation of stakeholder panels and implementation of sustainable innovation process in projects related to construction and land-use planning.

What nobody knows about you Heliabel Bomstein

Heliabel loves nature and animals : in her spare time, she works as a sheperdess in the Alps and takes care of Georges, the worms of her composter.

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